For exceptional resin flooring solutions in Hertfordshire, turn to Select Resin, a leading specialist company based in Dorset, extending services throughout Hertfordshire & the South East.

Boasting over three decades of expertise in resin flooring and walls, Select Resin offers unparalleled installations, repairs, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Specializing in a wide array of resin flooring options, including coloured epoxy, screed, anti-slip coatings, and commercial resin solutions, Select Resin ensures comprehensive support for all your resin flooring needs.

The Select Resin team is friendly, professional, and passionate about excellence. We go beyond just installing floors; we transform spaces with their commitment to top-notch finishes. Whether you’re in Hertfordshire or beyond, our services are prompt, dependable, and always accompanied by free, personalized quotes & expert advice tailored to your unique needs. So, ditch the generic flooring solutions and embrace a bespoke experience with Select Resin.

Hertfordshire Resin Floor Installers

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Select Resin offers reliable, cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Hertfordshire, Berkshire,  Dorset & beyond.

Backed by several decades experience, Select Resin guarantee professional, dependable, and budget-friendly resin flooring installations. 

Trust us for superior quality, swift turnaround times, & competitive pricing, making them the ideal choice for your resin flooring needs.

Envision a flooring solution that effortlessly combines strength, functionality, and captivating beauty.

Visualize a surface that resists spills, scratches, and constant foot traffic with ease, yet remains simple to clean & maintain.

Resin flooring, often overlooked but highly valued, delivers precisely this ideal combination for both residential & commercial spaces.

The Benefits of Resin Flooring for Homeowners

Effortless Elegance

Transform your living space with a seamless, high-gloss finish that reflects light & creates a spacious feel. Choose from vibrant colors, metallic accents, or even 3D designs to match your unique style.

Built to Last

Say goodbye to chipped tiles & scratched wood. Resin’s exceptional toughness withstands daily wear & tear, spills, and even pet accidents. Invest in a floor that lasts for years to come.

Hygiene Haven

Spills? No problem! The non-porous nature of resin makes it stain & moisture-resistant, creating a haven for allergy sufferers & pet owners. Cleaning becomes a breeze with minimal effort required.

Safe & Sound

Mishaps are inevitable, yet resin flooring significantly reduces their potential harm. Its slip-resistant features prioritize safety for individuals of all ages, particularly in high-risk areas like kitchens & bathrooms.

The Benefits of Resin Flooring for Businesses

Industrial Strength

Resin flooring excels in demanding environments, tackling the most rigorous tasks with ease. Its resilience against heavy machinery, chemicals, and abrasion renders it perfect for areas with high footfall & activity.

Cost-Effective Choice

While the initial investment might seem higher, the resin’s longevity & low maintenance costs translate to long-term savings. Reduced downtime for repairs and replacements means more productivity & profitability.

A Hygienic Workplace

Create a safe and healthy environment for employees with resin’s seamless, non-porous surface. It minimizes dust and allergen buildup, promoting a clean and productive work atmosphere.

Branding Potential

Manifest your brand identity by incorporating custom colors, logos, and designs directly into the resin. Craft a visually striking environment that mirrors your professionalism & embodies your core values.

Hertfordshire Resin Flooring Installation

Envision your dream floor & imagine the possibilities:

  • A sun-drenched kitchen with a gleaming, easy-to-clean resin floor that reflects the natural light.
  • A vibrant garage transformed into a stylish entertainment space with a durable, low-maintenance floor.
  • A sleek, modern office with a branded resin floor that impresses clients & fosters a productive work environment.

Elevate your space beyond the ordinary. Reach out to Select Resin today to explore how we can meet your requirements & enhance the potential of your environment.

Allow us to assist you in selecting the ideal resin type, color, and finish for your project, guiding you through every step of the process.

Embrace the power of resin flooring & watch your dreams become reality.