Select Resin are delighted to announce that we will be introducing a new range of MMA materials to our extensive product range. After completing a training course our flooring specialists are now approved contractors for Zoom Enterprises to install the new MMA materials. 

As MMA flooring is scratch resistant, durable and easy to maintain, it is extremely popular for hospitals, laboratories, kitchens and environments where high hygiene standards are essential. The MMA flooring coating is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, that protects all staff and visitors.

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) flooring is a perfect choice for a long-term solution. It’s beneficial for both industrial and commercial flooring as it gives an even, well-finished appearance whilst being extremely durable against damaging foot and vehicle traffic. The material is a dual system polymer and is ideal to use for flooring that requires a quick turnaround time, without compromising the smooth and professional finish. The MMA flooring takes around two hours to apply and dry, making it the first choice for flooring replacements with tight deadlines. 

We are the leading flooring specialists in Heavy Duty ScreedsFlow Applied SystemsDecorative FlooringResin Floor Screeds and MMA. For more information on our services, Contact our team today on 07471 825098.  



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