Select Resin has purchased a new shot blaster to add to our ever-increasing floor preparation equipment. Shot blasting is a very efficient and environmentally friendly one-step technique to clean and prepare floors by removing existing pain, and preparing a suitable base for new flooring.

This technique cleans, polishes, strengthens/peens metal and can be also used in preparing flooring, which can be customised to perform preparation tasks ranging from very light etching to more aggressive removal of surface mortar. The shot blaster will help our L&S Finishes experts create the smoothest of surfaces for our clients.    

The new shot blaster has multiple uses that include assisting in creating anti-slip surfaces for areas such as ramps, roads, walkways and more. Additionally, it can help the removal of laitance as well as the texturing of concrete, the shot blaster can be used in many different sectors in our flooring services.  

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