Decorative epoxy flooring is a multi-layered system that is available in many different colours, textures, matte or gloss finishes. Created using layers of resins, flakes and aggregates, expoxy flooring is the ideal decorative garage flooring solution which offers a number of benefits, including:

Durable and resilient flooring solution
Decorative epoxy flooring provides a durable surface that is ideal for use within a garage. Whether your garage is used as extra home storage or to store your car, decorative epoxy flooring offers the resilience needed to withstand heavy weights and heavy traffic.

Choose your finish
Created using various layers of resin, flakes, aggregates and sealers, decorative epoxy garage flooring provides the opportunity to get experimental with colours and styles, leaving your with a flooring finish that suits your style.

Quick installation
A great benefit of our decorative garage flooring is the little time it takes to set. Our epoxy flooring specialists can lay your decorative flooring in the morning, ready to for your to park your car in your garage that evening!

Versatile flooring solution
Decorative garage flooring offers the ideal surface for your storage needs. With the ability to choose a matte or gloss finish, amongst other textures, our epoxy flooring provides a wipe clean surface that can adapt to whatever you choose to use it for.

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